August 15th 2018



“Philosophical pursuits”, is one of the topics that come under the 9th house umbrella. I consider religion a philosophical pursuit of one kind and metaphysical science including astrology, a philosophical pursuit of a very different nature. Most religions have a structure to them which do not encourage one to go outside of that structure for the answers, often with the result of creating some of the other topics that come under the 9th house umbrella such as dogmatism and righteousness, which may actually be better represented under the 10th house umbrella. Structured and/or organized religions actually bring to my mind "limitation," more of a Capricorn influence especially with the hierarchy and authoritarianism that most often accompanies them. The historical fact that government and religion are often intertwined and that organized religion has historically had equal if not more power than government, makes more of a case that organized religion is more aligned with a Capricorn influence and the 10th house umbrella Both government and religion are about "control" of the masses.

The seeking of truth and the search for the meaning of life are the main topics of the 9th house. It is the house of the expansion of the “higher” mind. It is about stepping into unfamiliar environments of all kinds which are going to shift previous conceived perceptions. Metaphysical sciences are more like a tool that use archetypal symbolic language which allows and actually encourages limitless questions and answers. With The Centaur being the symbol for Sagittarius, the sign that rules the 9th house, it seems that this seeking is meant to be unending. The Centaur is half man and half horse and is shooting an arrow into space. Freedom is a key word for this sign and the 9th house. The 9th house is all about the journey and not about the destination. Once we have arrived at a destination such as creating a religion that is thought to be the “truth”, which has all the answers, we have moved into the 10th house realm of government, structure, restriction, limitation and control. Astrology is a philosophical pursuit that encourages one to find the answers for them self and to understand that life is not static but constantly in flux, with the answers always changing and evolving.

Most people equate organized religion with spirituality but I have always seen organized religion as systems that create division and not unity. The 9th house of the “higher mind” and the 12th house of the spiritual/etheric realm, are in a conflicted and tense 90 degree (square) relationship. They are very different realms that cannot be reconciled. The 12th house/spirituality is all inclusive, with no boundaries or divisions, where “all is one and one is all." I think that in the seeking the meaning of life and truth, is where religions are created but once they are “formed” into a “structure” there is no more seeking occurring because the answers have supposedly all been found. What follows, is the consequences of division, disagreement and war over whose truth/God/religion is the right one.