August 15th 2018


Philosophical pursuits, is one of the topics that come under the Sagittarian/9th house umbrella.  I consider religion a philosophical pursuit of one kind, and metaphysical sciences including astrology,  philosophical pursuits of a very different nature.  Astrology is a philosophical pursuit that encourages one to find the answers for them self.  Most religions have a structure to them which do not encourage one to go outside the bounds of that structure for the answers to the meaning of life, and in essence encourage one to close the mind.  Perhaps religions begin as a Sagittarius/9th house association but once they are established within a society they seem to take on more of a Capricorn/10th house association.  Most religions evolve to have a hierarchy, become authoritarian, rigid, and dogmatic.  Structured and/or organized religions actually bring limitation to my mind, which does not really fit with the Sagittarius/9th house symbol of The Centaur.  The fact that government and religion are often intertwined and that organized religion has historically had equal if not more power than government, makes even more of a case that organized religion is more aligned with the Capricorn/10th house umbrella. 

Metaphysical sciences are more like tools that use an archetypal symbolic language which allows and actually encourages, limitless questions and answers that any individual may pursue without guidance.  Theses attributes are expansive and encourage an open mind,  which is aligned with The Centaur symbol.  Personally, I don’t think that the ideas or words which include God or "the Bible" really have any place in a discussion about astrology unless the discussion is focusing on the Sagittarius/9th house.  Even the word God which I think most people like to couple with “spiritual” ideas, should not be assumed to have anything to do with the 12th house which is the spiritual house, since the idea of a God comes from the rational mind of man in his pursuit and quest for meaning.  God is a very loaded word with endless meanings depending on the mental perceptions and beliefs of the seeker.  Spirituality is a whole other topic which comes under the umbrella of the Pisces/12th house.  The 9th and 12th houses are in a square (conflicted/tense) relationship to each other and therefore very different, ruled respectively by fire and water.

I find it unfortunate that some astrologers encourage people to be under the impression that religion and spirituality are one and the same.  For me, spirituality equates to "all is one and one is all", in other words all encompassing.   Both Pisces/12th house and spirituality are boundaryless.  If human beings leaned more into this type of concept we would have a lot less strife in the world.  Religion by its nature is divisive, caused by the differing viewpoints/beliefs and the competition to be the one that is the truthful or right one.  These religious differences have been the cause of endless personal and collective battles and wars that have plagued humankind since the beginning of religion.