ASTROLOGICAL READINGS - Tropical Zodiac (Western)

If a person has even the slightest interest in astrology I like to encourage them to learn the basics of astrology and embark on the journey of understanding their own natal chart. Sometimes having an astrology reading is the best inspiration to do just that. 

Having another person interpret your chart is just what it sounds like.  The quality of that interpretation is dependent on the amount of astrological knowledge and life experience the astrologer has.  However, no matter how educated and/or experienced an astrologer is, their interpretation will always be coming through their own "lens."  The astrologer's perspective on life at that moment in time cannot be separated from their interpretation of a chart.  It is important for the person who wants a reading to feel some affinity for the person who they choose to read their chart.

If you want to have your chart read by an astrologer I suggest listening to your intuition (your gut feeling) when selecting someone.  Okay I admit, I recommend listening to your intuition for every decision you make in life!  Call up the astrologer and have a conversation with them to see if you feel a connection with them.  Make sure to tell them what you need and want from your reading to make sure they can fulfill that for you.



NATAL CHART READING - 2.5 hrs. - $130

Your natal chart is like a blueprint of your life.  The date, time and location of your birth is a moment in time and space that is yours alone.  The only person/persons who could possibly have a chart close to the same as yours is a twin or another person who was born close to your time and in the same location.  The celestial influences that were occurring in the heavens above will be imprinted on you and represent the one and only, YOU!  Because the natal chart represents the foundation and essence of who we are, any other type of astrology reading refers to the natal chart.  This is why it is important that before having any other type of astrology reading a person should be familiar with their natal chart.  The astrologer will also give you better readings if they too have become familiar with your natal chart before doing a transits and progressions reading or a relationship reading.  A natal chart reading can be very affirming and help to make a person more self-aware and self-accepting.  When you experience for yourself how closely your life correlates with the natal chart, it may give you a whole new perspective on life, helping you to better understand yourself, other people and the way that life unfolds. 





This reading is focused on what is happening in your life at a particular time.  The planets are in constant motion (transits) and they are always affecting our natal chart (the person) in one way or another at any given moment.  The transiting planets are always transiting through a particular house (arena of experience) in our chart.  The changes in our life correspond to these transitions occurring in our chart.  Sometimes there are lots of connections being made at one time and other times not as many.  Sometimes the connections are easy and harmonious and sometimes they are frictional and can denote times of stress and growth.  The one thing that studying the transits teaches us is that everything is temporary.  No matter what is occurring in our life at the moment, it will change and that is the only thing we can know for sure.  Seeing the transits that are happening now, have happened in the past, or are going to happen in the future, can help to give one great understanding about how change is what life is all about. People often become afraid of the changes that are happening in their life and having an astrologer explain the transits can be greatly comforting and helpful in giving the person an objective point of view.  The saying "timing is everything", says a lot.  Knowing how the transits are affecting the natal chart can help one use the knowledge to derive the most benefit and meaning from the influences of the transiting planets.

Progressions are another tool (not quite as easy to explain) that astrologers use to help understand why things are happening the way they are.  Progressions are often felt like a somewhat gradual change that is occurring from within the self.  We are always growing and evolving steadily over time and progressions represent that type of growth. However, there are times when our progressions are signifying changes that will be more strongly felt, making us much more aware of our internal growth as reflected by changes occurring in our relationships and outer life.

I recommend having a transits and progressions update every few years, when life feels overwhelming, or when you want to know the best time to do something in particular.  It is highly recommended that you have a natal reading before a transits and progressions reading.  


RELATIONSHIP READING (SYNASTRY) – 2.0 hrs. - $120 (Prerequisite - Natal Reading)

Relationships serve as reflections of our self and are necessary in order to get a view of parts of our self that we otherwise would stay unaware of.  Astrology is very helpful in understanding our self, others, and the relationships that we have with others.  A relationship reading can help to bring an objective point of view and clarity to any type of existing relationship and is also very helpful for potential relationships.  The reading time will be spent looking at the charts of both individuals, and then at the connections between the two charts (synastry) which will reflect the dynamics at play in the relationship.  In addition, a “composite” chart will be used in the reading.  A composite chart is calculated using the “midpoints” between the two birth charts.  It is an interesting way to see on paper how each relationship is a unique blending of two individual energies and it is interpreted just like a natal chart of an individual except it is a chart of a relationship.  The reading will help each person to understand why they are attracted to be in the relationship, and serve to bring more understanding and acceptance of the other person.


ALTERNATIVE READINGS - $50.00/hour with Dana, additional $25.00/hr. preliminary time, if needed

Some examples of an Alternative reading are:

  • Looking for specific dates and times to embark on an endeavor or to plan an event such as a wedding, a party, etc.

  • Unstructured readings where the client directs the reading to focus on specific issues from an astrological perspective.

  • Dana will do readings for people who do not have an accurate time of birth. There is a lot of information that can be gleaned from only the date of birth and a reading of this sort is certainly better than no reading at all.

  • Dana is available for events and parties where she can give 20 minute “mini-readings.” This type of reading can be done with only the birth date, if necessary. This type of reading will be done without any preliminary time with the chart.

Some Alternative readings require Dana to do preliminary work, in which case time will also be charged for that.  If a client wants to come and do a more spontaneous reading where no preliminary work is needed, then only the reading time with Dana will be charged.

Please feel free to contact Dana to get a cost estimate for whatever type of reading you are interested in.