The name Venusian Triad came to me because in my Natal chart my Sun sign, my Moon sign and my Ascendant are all ruled by the planet Venus.  The Sun, Moon and Ascendant are sometimes referred to as The Primal Triad.

I had my first astrology reading when I was 12 years old in West Hollywood, California in 1968.  The reading was given to me by my friend's father who was a wise older man named Gil Henderson.  The reading was not a long one but it made a tremendous impact on me.  From then on I had an insatiable interest in learning about astrology.  I hoped that one day I too could read people's charts, perhaps inspiring them to take on the life long study of their own natal chart, as I have done.  Astrology is the most useful tool that I have found to help me navigate through life and find meaning in it.  I see how the study and use of astrology as well as other metaphysical sciences, helps to keep me aware and conscious of my self and my place in the world.

I have always been a seeker on a quest to know and understand my Self and the mysteries of life. Astrology has been a great help on this path.  When people say they do or they do not "believe" in astrology I think that they must have a different idea of what it is than I do.  I use several metaphysical sciences and none of them equate to what a belief system means to me.  Although, astrology and other metaphysical tools do help me to formulate my own ever changing beliefs and perspectives.  Every person has an inner knowing where all the answers are.  Astrology is a language of archetypal symbols which are helpful in accessing the knowledge that lies within.

There is always more to learn about ourselves and life. The journey we are on is one of unending discovery.  Astrological charts are maps that we can use to help guide us on this journey.  Life would be much less interesting to me without my study of astrology.